In early 2011, Christ the King Presbyterian Church established a Mission/Outreach Committee with the overarching purpose of increasing the visibility of missions in the life of CTK. Current members of the Mission/Outreach Committee are Bev Bell, Ginny Koerner, Pearl Shisler, Jim Stewart and Frank Wroblewski.

The 2019 budget for missions at CTK is $44,800. This includes a remittance to the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) and monetary support to additional Christian ministries that meet the requirements as outlined in the committee's nine guiding principles.

These ministries are

One of the goals of the Missions/Outreach Committee is to keep the congregation of CTK informed of the work of these various ministries via the Sunday morning bulletin, this website, email correspondence and the annual Missions Conference. In the past we have hosted two pastors from Tanzania and learned a great deal from them about their land, their needs, and the Gospel outreach in Tanzania. Christ the King also hosted a dinner for the Mahand family (missionaries to England) and for representatives of The Women's Refuge and CareNet. At this dinner, members of CTK were able to speak with these dedicated people to learn more about their ministries.

In June, 2011, the church commissioned a visit to Tanzania. During the visit, our pastor led a conference for the Diocese of Mara-Ukerewe pastors. In addition, he was able to learn more about the results of our support of pastors there and about the progress of the well-drilling projects in Tanzania. Both of these have been funded in part by members and friends of CTK. Below is a video taken during a previous visit to Tanzania that features a new water well in Masinono, Tanzania.

The following four years, our ministry to Tanzania grew. Our pastor again visited Tanzania in 2012, 2013 and 2014 to speak at the annual Pastor's Conference and to receive updates on well drilling projects. Leading up to his trip, the members of CTK embraced the Pastor Support Program, which helped support a pastor and his family in Tanzania by sending a monthly gift. You can read about our pastor's experiences in Tanzania at our blog: impacttanzania.wordpress.com.

Members and friends of Christ the King have made it possible for fresh water to come to the village of Masinono in Tanzania. Through a well drilling project, the residents of this town have safe, clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing for the first time in their lives. To watch a short feature on this project, please click on the video below. Soon the video will have English subtitles. The text of the translation is attached, as well. We thank God for His faithfulness.


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